The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Painting - Imgur

The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Painting - Imgur

My last weeks

I am so conflicted about applying for grad school that I might forever live in my bed.

Summer Goals to shake my depression:

  • 30 minutes of some kind of activity every morning!
  • read at least four articles about China out of class
  • not. miss. a. single. translation. homework. 
  • learn at least one hour Chinese everyday
  • do something with a friend every week
  • figure out what to do or not to do for my master’s degree
  • somehow become a straight A student to get some kind of scholarship for those master studies
  • probably learn better english/french/spanish
  • apply for internships in March 2015??

Missing Morocco

My boy turns 30 this July and I want to do something super special, but I am lacking ideas or money for the ideas I have. 
Also I am going to fail a test on Tuesday, but I have to watch this Champion League’s final.

I might just die this semester

  • the good thing is that all my classes (except Chinese) are pretty sweet
  • I am taking a class on Japanese politics, society and economy within the last 5 years
  • I am taking another class on East Asia’s economy, politics and globalization
  • I am taking another another class on the UN and the possibilities of an international organisation
  • all my lecturers are great, the reading is interesting and it’s a massive amount of work, but in the good way
  • the bad thing is that I need to finish an essay (15 pages) until Monday in a week and I am beginning to doubt that will ever happen
  • I need to write another essay about anything related to China’s political theory (I am keeping off writing that thing since 2.5 years)
  • I need to really work harder on my Chinese, because we learn an average of 55 new vocabularies every week and I have so many grammatical problems and we write three tests and have an oral exam 
  • and I need to write my bachelor’s thesis over summer and do my bachelor’s defense and nothing will ever happen if I do not sit down and write this stupid stupid essay
  • going to write it now
  • also going to do yoga later
  • also going to drink two more coffees before bed, because it is only 7 pm
  • bye now

I’ll be in Morocco on tuesday. The first time since 2011 on the African continent - I can’t wait!

It’s spring.

It’s spring.

I think the best thing I’ve learnt was to stop being afraid of saying I love you first

Samsung GT-I8160
I am still missing bacon

I am still missing bacon

  • I might or might not have failed my Chinese exam
  • but this semester is over
  • …expect for those two essays I have to hand in…
  • I am working pretty much every day this week
  • I want to take the HSK Test for Chinese
  • I am reading: Die Pilgerjahre des farblosen Herrn Tazaki by Murakami, Short Stories of John Cheever and Lettre International
  • Took a walk with A. today to Kieztörtchen and had a nice coffee

I think there is a real chance that I am going to fail this Chinese class.

How? Why?